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How to make Word 2007 fully loaded for Harvard Referencing | Harvard Referencing Word

Harvard Referencing WordHarvard Referencing WordHarvard Referencing Word

by Keith Thompson MA, MCIPR Senior Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University

Harvard Referencing is one of the most common methods of academic referencing for articles, reports and essays, but it’s not in Word’s drop down list. Word includes other automatic styles e.g. APA, Ghost in its presets but not Harvard. So how do we solve this?

This short five minute article on Harvard Referencing Word 2007 will show you  how to save hours of time and money whether you are studying and don’t want to lose presentation marks.

I will show:

  1. how to load Harvard Referencing in Word 2007Harvard Referencing Word
  2. use further shortcuts to ease the burden

How to use the reference tab on Word


Click to enlarge the screenshot (right):-

  • The most common task we have to do in Harvard is to insert a citation. We simply click this and a drop down list appears.
  • You  choose what type of document you would like to reference and complete the form. Word stores this in its “memory” for when you are ready to add your Bibliography later. (Go to Bibliography > Insert Bibliography).
  • The advantages of Harvard referencing as you go along are multi faceted. The biggest one is time management. This method will allow you to maintain your train of thought and keep to convention.

So that’s easy enough but how can we make it even easier by adding Harvard to to the drop down list?

Solution 1: Download an “Add On” or “Plug In” to Word itself

Enter Bibword. These incredibly helpful people have provided a Harvard style sheet which you can cut and paste into your Word directory safely. You need to download the software from and follow its installation instructions. It arrives as a zip file. Copy the style list, once unzipped, and paste into your directory. To access this directory, you would normally go to Program Files > Office > Office 12 > Bibliography. Fiddly but it’s worth ten minutes of anyone’s time.

Solution 2: The lazy method!

There’s also the glorious but slightly flawed Neil’s Toolbox which was introduced to me by one of my students. “Neil” only covers books, chapters of books, journal articles, websites and emails but sadly not categories like films, conference proceedings which many modern degrees now include as acceptable references. This one is great if you are in a hurry, but not for anyone serious about integrated research.

Solution 3: Endnote

EndNote X4 for WindowsHarvard Referencing Word is used extensively by researchers of all colors and students alike. It’s not cheap but hey neither is the science that has gone into its development. You only get what you pay for and the updates are regular. The software allows you to collaborate online and build your bibliographies and references semi automatically.

UPDATE 2012: I have recently found Mendeley useful. Like Zotero it references as you go. The problem with any of these ‘tools’ is you have to use them all the time i.e. get into the habit. Taking more than 15 minutes to set these things up, often puts people off. Stick with it and you will benefit long term. Don’t let Harvard Referencing ruin your life! Here are some more tricks and tips.


Method Effectiveness rating Pros Cons Link
Go to ‘Insert Citation’ in Microsoft Word (fourth one along) *** Easy and semi automatic Word 2007 is not preset to Harvard. You need to adapt APA Video
Bibword ***** Acts as a safe Harvard plug in A bit fiddly to install but worth the effort if you read the instructions Bibword
Zotero ***** Easy and semi automatic Only runs on Firefox Zotero
Bibsonomy *** Semi automatic  multi faceted bookmarking tool Too many distractions Bibsonomy
Endnote **** All encompassing referencing software which allows you to collaborate online Not cheap but you only get what you pay for EndNote X4 for WindowsHarvard Referencing Word
Harvard Generator **** Easy to use online form Similar to Neil’s toolbox but less cumbersome Harvard Generator


Recommended Further reading:-

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*Grant, D (2009) Practical Report Writing System: software

So there you have it. The complete guide to Harvard Referencing Word

Harvard Referencing Word

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